Buwele means “little one” in Alsacian. This is how my grandmother called my brother lovingly when he was a child. I chose this name as homage to both of them and their memories.

We live in the province of Madrid, Spain, in a little village of the Northwestern mountains. Ever since I can remember, a significant part of my family has included animals, something that has not changed. With the passing of time, I have come to wonder almost irrationally at cats and have finally ended up sharing my life with them… and for them. My first contact with the “American giant” was through my brother. As I have grown to know ever better this beautiful race and its wonderful nature I have felt the uncontrollable need to be a part of it.

Our cats belong to our family. We love them and tend to them as if they were our children. Their little ones are raised with all the possible love and affection. We hope that, thanks to the marvelous personality of their parents and to the care and attention we put into their education, our little ones will be as good natured as anyone could dream.

In order to make this project a reality we have had the support of many people, such as friends, family, breeders… They have helped us, listened to us, and given us their advice in uncountable occasions. Our most grateful thanks to all of them for making this possible.

Alejandra Nussbaum